Horror is dead

Horror is dead, that is how I feel about it. Of course death and horror are connected, but the genre itself is definitely getting old…

I was watching Evil Dead, aka “The Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever Experience”, with a friend. Was I nervous about it? For the first time in my life, yes. I do not jump scare often and I am not very charmed with the whole bad build up filled with sudden screeching violins and creepy beings appearing from out of nowhere. Take The Ring for example, that beginning where all of a sudden you see this dead body of a girl who was attacked. That is the American version of The Ring: the Japanese version is my thing, that at least has suspense.

Anyway, I remember the poster of Evil Dead promising things, I was not impressed. Ofcourse, it is a horror movie that is okay for its genre, plus it uses light in the most amazing ways. I know it’s a remake, but even if it weren’t, haven’t we seen this all before? That is what I thought with every scene. Every time building up to those scary moments, which were so predictable. The bombastic noise, the horror of dark hairs and eyes. People that look around with big black eyes, while moving around spastically, being all bloody. Sigh.

I was thinking though: Am I getting old? I wish I was fourteen years old again. When I was a teenager I have watched so many horror flicks, that a new movie in this genre really has to be something else in order for me to like it. Am I getting old, is that why horror movies do not really impress me? Am I more aware now, that this stuff is fake, or are you more aware of real, horrifying stuff that is happening in the real world?

I do not have the answer to that one. I haven’t watched a lot of horror flicks in the past years, but a few that did not impress me at all: The Woman in Black, Ouija 2, Uninhabited, The Innkeepers, The Shrine, Paranormal Activity 3, V/H/S and [REC] 2. The first Paranormal Activity was kind of refreshing, and brought scary scenes in new ways. And one of my guilty pleasures are the Saw movies, though that is not really horror, more gore and weird assignments.

I was in the cinema the other day when I saw a trailer of some horror movie in which a young family moves into a house and of course the kid is having all these weird paranormal experiences. I was like: really, they still make this? That is possibly why I loved The Cabin in the Woods so much: it was the same feeling of: again, boring?! But it brought an original twist that was a bit ridiculous in my book, but still..

I am not really watching any horror movies anymore, ever, unless they have over 80 percent on RottenTomatoes. But, as horror lovers know, at the end of the movie you always get to see that the evil entity in the flick is ghosting around somewhere, so who knows, maybe I will see an awesome horror movie in 2017…

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