My imaginary boyfriend Tom Hardy

There are a few gentlemen I keep as imaginary boyfriends. One of them is Benedict Cumberbatch, one of them is Terrence Howard and one of them is Chris Hemsworth. Today I will explore the love I have for a man that is a little too good at playing insane murderers: Tom Hardy.

I do not remember when I saw Tom Hardy in a movie for the first time. He has been in so many (unexpected) movies: Marie Antoinette, Inception, Star Trek: Nemesis, Layer Cake, Suckerpunch, Rocknrolla, Bronson, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, et cetera. The movies he did after Inception, I have pretty much seen them all, but the ones before that I am still working on.

The things I appreciate about him are that he is extremely hot, and giving him a hug is second on my bucketlist of things that are hardly reachable (a photograph with Miyamoto is first 😉 ). But it is not just that, I think he is an amazing actor, I love how he really chooses so many different roles and he does not just do huge movies right now, he is still feeling love for movies from the UK, where he is originally from.

He does not seem very arrogant, he seems pretty friendly and lively in interviews, and he comes across legitimately enthusiastic about his movies without sugarcoating it all Hollywoody. So legit, so playful… ❤ Here you can even see him outshine another imaginary boyfriend of mine: Leo.

Another thing I think is really cool about him, is Myspace, that has all these odd photos of him on it that Buzzfeed nicely put into an article. And then there is his “career” as a rap artist, that was pretty amazing too. The photo that goes with this article is not coincidentally a photo of a movie that I did not love as much as the other ones: The Drop. But doesn’t Tom Hardy look super adorable with that little puppy? He was so cute with it on set, there are so many pics of that.

Thinking back to which Tom Hardy character I like most, I am not sure which one to pick. Every one of them has something special. But, his grumpy character in Lawless really hits a spot. Might be extra special cause I love Jessica Chastain and I feel that the way they come together is adorable. I also like Bane a lot, though I am still not sure how I feel about his voice. But even in Locke, Hardy is great, and of course in The Revenant, and Mad Max. There is just too much to choose from, so what a good imaginary boyfriend he makes! 😀

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