Review – Soap & Glory Pillow Plump

Whenever I go to the United Kingdom there is always something I need to buy. Well, there’s actually three things: the UK Glamour (best magazine on the planet!), Cadbury’s chocolate and: something Soap & Glory. Soap & Glory is a brand that is very recognisable as it has baby pink products that often have super cool old photos of women in the 50’s on them. They often put all this cool writing on their products and on of the best examples of that is the product that I wanted to discuss today: Soap & Glory Pillow Plump. The tagline of this lipgloss is: “Sexy Mother Pucker”.

Pillow Plump

Super funny right? I think it is, and indeed, this stuff will make you pucker up even if you are not planning to. As soon as you put this brownish gloss on your lips, you will notice. It starts doing something to your lips which makes them get a bit more volume. To be honest, it feels a bit odd: like you have put something on your lips that you shouldn’t. You feel the Pillow Plump do its thing on your lip and that might feel a bit irritating. Plus, if you are about to kiss someone, it does not seem that this stuff is very appetising.

Pillow Plump

However, if you are not going to kiss someone in a while, you can easily use this stuff. It does not hurt, it just tingles a bit, but I can’t say it really plumps up your lips. The texture is nice, but the promise it makes, it does not really deliver. I think the colour is nice, there might be more of them, but I had the brown one, it is just very natural and subtle. I would still use this product, cause I like that odd feeling it brings to the lips, which lasts forever by the way, it is not just something you feel in the beginning. But if you really want it to make your lips look xxl bigger, you would be better off looking for something else.

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