Why did no one stop me at the Lush sale?

I have been a bad girl. A very bad girl.

So I know Lush only has a huge sale every once in a year, which is a pity, cause it is very expensive and the fact that the sale is only between Xmas and New Years, means the only items on sale are the Christmas items. Which is nice, cause they are lovely and I am a huge Xmas fan, but obivously¬†the Xmas things do not change superduper much, so I’d rather have a bigger range on sale as there is so much to try!

I am not complaining though, and I should not, cause I bought a lot (way too much actually) stuff in the Lush sale. The picture is at the end of this article, oh dear. Anyway, there is one thing I truly regret. The Lush Life box, which is usually about 160 euros or something, was also half priced, just like the Xmas stuff, but for some reason I did not buy it, I guess because the box looked a bit roughed up.

Looking back it is good I did not buy it, the biggest Lush thing I want to buy myself if I ever get rich would be the Lush Legends anyway, but I do think it is a bit silly I bough so many Xmas things, while I could also have bought this huge box with all kinds of things. Anyway, I am happy with the Xmas things too, they are cute, they smell good, and there is so much to talk about on this blog the upcoming year, hihi. I must keep myself from taking a bath every two days now, cause I am so curious about everything and Lush products smell soooo good.

It was really crazy in all four Lush stores that I went into. In Amsterdam there was even a queue outside of the store. I can imagine though, Lush makes amazing products and those products make great gifts. I had a lot of fun opening them all up, putting everything away, before I would drop it, which I actually did with one box, and I am still annoyed I did not get to make a proper review of the article that was in there, all broken, awww.

Anyway, the next Lush sale will not be in another year, which is good for me, but I should really stop buying stuff there, for a while. I can often buy bath stuff at the special sales at work, and I have so much Lush in my house, I can only hope it will all stay fresh and okay until I can use it.

I do not look forward to my bank statement, but oh dear how much I love all those products, and especially that price, yay. Last year it took me months to review everything from the 12 Days of Christmas box, I really wonder how long it will take me to discuss the contents of all these (hihi!):

Lush Sale

Like I said, I am a bad girl, a very bad girl.

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