To do in Amsterdam: Outsider Art Museum

As we went to the Museumnacht, we had to opportunity to visit one of the museums for free later as long as we went there before December 31st. So Rey and I went to the Outsider Art Museum, cause we are outsiders.

Hihi, that was a joke. By outsider art they mean art that is made by people that are mentally or physically challenged, or having psychological issues. In a way my art is outsider art too, but I am not sure my work would ever be in a museum…

What I liked about the museum was the location, it is within the Hermitage, which is also housing two other museums. So if you do not really like it, you can always get a ticket for the others. The Outsider Art Museum was very small, so that is something to keep in mind if you want to go there.

I found the museum very funny, often endearing, but also a bit the same. I know artists usually make the same kind of style paintings or other art, but in this museum for some reason many works seemed very same-ish. I would have rather seen more artists, than more works by the same artist.

The museum is terribly small, again, so please do not plan a trip to Amsterdam just to go to this museum. Plus, the art can be pretty raw, so you will probably not like everything that is on display. What I missed in the exposition was more explanation about the artist, but that might not be the way though: why state what kind of issues they have, that makes them even more “outsider” perhaps. On the other hand, it is the outsider

On the other hand, it is the outsider museum.. I dunno, it’s difficult I guess. But I do wish there was a little bit more of a background story available about the artist as well as the intentions of the artist with each specific work.

Rey and I were both a bit underwhelmed, but that had to do more with our expectations being totally wrong than the museum not being right. It is cute, the personnel is sweet and there are nice works on display that are not pretentious like all other art in the world.

Please find below a few pictures of it, I am not sure how often their collection changes, but it is nice to have a place for the less artistically schooled people to express themselves. Obviously they do that pretty well. Especially the piece with the bread sack closing thingies that look like Transformers is awesome:


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