Supercute: I got a little Bonsai tree

So one more time looking back at 2016, as I realised I have never talked about this super nice surprise that I received at the end of 2016. My house is finally my house only, and though that does bring the financial stress, it also brings a feeling of accomplishment somehow.

A few days after I signed to get the house fully in my name, a friend sent me a bonsai tree, referring to the Dutch saying: little house, little tree, little animal. Hihi, it sounds pretty odd in English, but in Dutch it is Huisje, Boompje, Beestje, and it is a cute saying that kinda means that you have all you need in life, or the basics at least. Home sweet home. As I already have three little animals, now sleeping peacefully next to me on the couch, and now I have a house, my friend figured the only thing I still needed was a tree!

I love bonsai trees, cause they are so cute and tiny, but I am so bad at taking care of them, they need a lot of water, but not too much, and now that it is winter my house is not the most stable when it comes to temperature… I hope I will be able to keep it alive, but I think the gesture is so cool. Even though I am so happy about the decisions made in 2016, when I was at the notary I still felt like: wow, this all happened. Absolutely no regrets, but there is so much stuff that happened, things that needed to be arranged, I have overthought so many options, that it is intense to see it all come together I guess.

It was a sweet gift, really kind to be surprised like that. 🙂 It made me realise that I would have not made the good decisions I did without my friends and I am so happy to have them around me. They rock.

Now all that is left is the financial stress, and the stress of keeping this little one as beautiful and alive as it is supposed to be!


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