Blair Witch-feelings in A Girl like Her

I like giving female directors extra attention, but even though I would love to always give them all the praise for their movies, they are not always as cool. Amy S. Weber is a beginning filmmaker that has written, produced AND directed A Girl Like Her and it is okay.

That is very impressive, and A Girl like Her is an okay movie, so props for that! I like how it has that Blair Witchy feeling of found footage, while also being an interesting movie about American high school life. It is something that is very different from European school life, but yet Amy makes it feel very recognisable.

There was one thing that really bothered me about the movie though, and maybe I am nitpicking, but the brioche that she receives from her friend, which is a camera, is unrealistic. I loved the found footage/amateur videotape kinda way of filming in Blair Witch Project, but in this movie it is simply too unreal. It moves as if she moves her head, which makes it so obvious that it is not real.

I do think the actors and actresses really act very natural. Unfortunately I already knew Hunter King from something. And it really annoys me cause I go through her IMDB page and I can’t find anything I have watched, so what the heck do I know her from? I have no clue.

I think the acting of the “boyfriend” of poor Jessica Burns is not the best actor in the world. And it is interesting, cause he actually played in a LOT of movies that I did see, hihi.

If you are cleaning your house or blogging or whatever, not sure what to watch in the background, this is definitely a movie fit for that, but full attention? Not really, it is just a little too fake in the end.

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