Assassin’s Creed – Best videogame movie

Assassin’s Creed is one the best videogame movies ever made. That sounds positive, and in a way it is, but unfortunately this does not mean it is a good movie. The mistake the makers made is not in the special effects, nor the camera angles or the acting: the movie forgets about the thing that makes Assassin’s Creed such an amazing game franchise.

Anybody who has played an Assassin’s Creed game knows that you go back in time via this very modern piece of technology, and the goal is to rewrite or relive history. That is the same in this movie: Call (played by the very talented Michael Fassbender) uses his DNA to go back to his ancestors that were assassins to get a special kind of apple in hands that could change the world.

That is a bit farfetched right? But if you see Mr. Fassbender hanging in the machine, you will have an either harder time to believe this is supposed to be realism. However, this is not the most disappointing thing about the movie. My issue is that Assassin’s Creed as a game is an amazing medium of teaching gamers about history. Of course, it is about being stealthy, jumping in hay stacks and the excitement of murdering people, but the other big part of the franchise is about information and surroundings that give us a sense of what happened in our actual world.

I really missed that in the movie. There was a little bit of info about the old days, but it was not enough. It seems more like an action movie, instead of giving people the impression that games can also have educational meaning. It was so much about Cal himself and that new center where he had to undergo these horrible tests. Too bad, cause everytime we were back in that jail-esque modern world, I thought: “hey, I was not ready exploring the old world yet?!”

It is not a horrible movie though, especially for a video game movie it is one you should have watched if you are familiair with the games. It is easy to be one of the best video game movies if the rest of them have such bad ratings on RottenTomatoes. Assassin’s Creed is actually not doing well on that website right now, but I feel that the score is a bit too low for the excellent acting of Fassbender.

Some action pieces make you feel like you are back in the game, being stealthy behind someone, before silently killing them. When you see that amazing bird fly around, it gives the same feeling of freedom like when you are standing on top of a building. The movie is well made, nice 3D effects and a cast that is pretty okay too. I like to look at Assassin’s Creed as the first step in the right way for movie studio Ubisoft, that will hopefully bring better videogame movies in the future.

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