Meh, New Years Eve

Happy New Year everybody! It is the worst time of the year, which is bad, cause it comes right after the most wonderful time of the year! It is so bipolar: first you have Christmas, which is AMAZING, and then the dreadful New Years Eve… It is reflecting on a year, saying goodbye, having to drink champagne, having that horrible feeling of not staying home but HAVING to go out, and then there is the aftermath: the hangover, the having to kiss everybody for the next month. Meh!

Yes, I am the Gringe of New Years, and I can’t help it. It has always been this way, it is just that I am in a down after Xmas, and then I need to cope with all that on top of my sadness, hihi. Plus, even though I had expectations for my New Years eve this year, it was a bit of a let-down. The party I went to was not my type of music much, except for that one second they actually played dancehall music. The people were not my type of people, nor was I theirs, and my best friend was so drunk…

I was happy I could spend the evening with her and her friends though, cause it was nice to see her after this year of rekindling with her. She told me something very special that evening that I will remember for a long time, so that makes up for all that horrible NY-feeling. I am glad it is over now though, glad the year started: the year in which I will be travelling to Japan, I am so excited. So, happy new year from the NY Grinch, may your 2017 be as amazing as the fireworks in Disneyland (ha, by the way, fireworks should stay in Disneyland! 😛 ). Kisses!

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