Review – Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb

As I went a bit crazy in the Lush sale, hi hi, I have a lot of Christmassy things to talk about, yay. One of them is Father Christmas, a Bath Bomb that includes a very awesome, sweet surprise. I mean, he already makes you smile when you take him out of the bag: he has this supercute look with a huuuuge smile on his face. I really like how he is shaped like a ball, but yet he really has good Santa-ey facial features, amazing.

It seems a bit harsh to throw him in the bath like that, being so cute and all, but still I did. I am glad, cause I was very surprised by what happened. Though his design is pretty white and may be a bit boring colorwise, the surprise is in its middle: green! The whole bathwater turns green, which is a good look for Christmas.

The fragrance of this bath bomb is a bit subtle, which I found was too bad as I really love the smell, the taste and the texture of candy floss. Cotton candy though, I can imagine, can be a little bit vanilla-ish, so I was a bit disappointed they did not make the cotton candy smell a little bit more extreme hihi. Plus, I would have liked to see a bit more foam, but I say this everytime: and that is just the difference between a bath bomb and a bubble bar.

I did really enjoy the greenness of the bath, it seems off with the cotton candy, which is what I find pretty cool. And again, the look of Father Christmas: it really made me smile.



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