Indie-games that are worth your time

Over the past few years I have been getting more and more into indie games. The triple A games are cool, but I like it when studios dare to think out of the box. These are some of my faves:

10. Torchlight 2
Usually RPG’s are made by huge studios, cause there are so many possibilities in RPG’s! Torchlight 2 is not a bad alternative though: you can go into multiple dungeons to beat up monsters, you characters in four different classes and you can even play mulitplayer.

9. Fez
In this list you will find a lot of puzzleplatformgames, which I like cause it is cool how small studios are doing their best to renew this super old genre. Fez is one that is not just cute, it is interesting thanks to the 2D tot 3D perspective changes. You need to collect 32 blocks in a very colorful world by jumping and influencing certain elements. It makes me so happy.

8. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
The look of this game is amazing: a world that seems to be cut out with scissors and the abstract ways with the pitch blackness and the color are amazing. You fly around in your little spaceship and you need to go places by puzzling your way through. That is tough, but the game is so beautiful that you keep playing. I love the challenge and I love that cute little UFO.

7. World of Goo
It is a fun name to pronounce cause Goo sounds so cute. The game itself is not bad either! It looks a bit like number 8, but you will need to game in a totally different way. You have these Goo balls that you need to use to build this huge Goo constructions. You are building towers and bridges to continue. It may sound boring, but it is excellent.

6. Toki Tori
Of course I will include a Dutch indie game in this list. Toki Tori, the game with the huge yellow chicklet is pretty easy to play. You walk around like any 2D platformer, but you need stuff to build bridges. That means it is not just puzzling, but collecting too.

5. Super Meat Boy
It used to be Mario, now it is Super Meat Boy. Just kidding Mario, you are the love of my life. However, Super Meat Boy is a great game. It is disgusting, but so muc hfun trying to save your girlfriend Bandage Girl from Dr. Fetus. This game offers a surprisingly large amount of levels: over 300.

4. Journey
Journey is a game that you do not want to explain. It is a desert, people are yelling, and it is odd. But like number 3 this game is very emotionally challenging and that is something you will have to experience yourself to really understand.

3. The Unfinished Swan
It is weird how this game seems to play psychological mind games, even though it is so innocent. You start in a white screen, but as soon as you understand how to throw paint, you start to see objects in the world. You can throw paint and see bridges or paths and that makes you understand where you are and where you need to go. It is horrible to feel so lost, but it is also very relaxing some how.

2. Spelunky
At first Spelunky looks a lot like a famous Nintendo character, but this one stays in the ground a lot longer. You will need to mine and do research, plus collect things, but you have to be aware of bombs and enemies. Very exciting!

  1. Cuphead
    Okay I have not played Cuphead yet, so I can’t say, but I am so excited about this game. The graphics look amazing, I love the gameplay and we have been waiting so long, it should be excellent. But mainly the graphics are very interesting to me as a Disniac. Yay!

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