Review – Lush Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

In the Lush Christmas gift box Jingle Bells you will find Peeping Santa. He is a cute little Bubble Bar with chocolate eyes. Do not eat them though! Just run your bath water, hold him under the running tap and help him crumble a bit. Your bath will smell great and turn red!

Honestly, the super red bath water looks a bit Carrie (not Fisher, the little teenage girl Carrie from the movie in which she gets her period), and a bit horror-esque, but as long as you are in the bath alone you should be fine.

The ingredients for this vegan bubble bar come from Ojoba Women’s Shea group in Bolgotonga, Ghana. There is lovely sheabutter in this bubble bar, plus cacao butter and the smell of bergamot and geranium (which are also Dutch terms, funny!). Not my favorite smells in the world, but as we know Lush always has this Lushy smell that is always amazing.

I must say I am a big fan of the bubble bars. I have said so before, they are just so much more bath worthy as they make foam. I have a very Little Mermaid-kinda way of thinking about bathing: there has to be foam to cover your body and to play around with.

Peeping Santa, the little naughty guy, will definitely get you that, but again, do not eat the chocolate, even though the urge to do so is high. Especially when he gets warm and you feel the texture of the chocolate, it is hard to resist.

It is a good bubble bar, but I have had better ones to be fair. Peeping Santa is cute, but he is not the best thing Lush has to offer.


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