La La Land spelled with L for love

Today I have seen the movie La La Land, which is absolutely amazing. I knew it was a musical, and the introduction song and scene are super over the top, but the rest of the movie is very Woody Allen-ish, cloud nine, lovely. I was bound to love it, as I really like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

That old style Hollywood setting is to die for, especially as Emma plays and aspiring actress and Ryan an aspiring musician/jazz club owner that dislike each other but then fall in love. It is often a heartbreaking story, but it is also very lovely. It really takes you on that rollercoaster of love, with the falling in love, the dates, the cute conversations, but then the growing apart, the getting issues like any relationship would have, et cetera.

It is such a sight to see, this movie. The people are gorgeous, the costumes and the setting are amazing and it is simply so real, even though it is musical. I really had a few moments where I was touched by the story and the characters. For example that moment when they are both behind the piano, and of course the ending, which is devastating but kinda peaceful in a way.

Very well done by director Damien Chazelle, who you might now from Wiplash and 10 Cloverfield Lane. As a director he is pretty new to the business, but he does a remarkable job. And guess what, you will just have to see it for yourself. I am afraid at this moment I do not really get much more out of me than just saying how fabulous this movie is. I have read somewhere that there was no chemistry between the two leading characters, but I absolutely disagree. It is not a movie filled with passionate love making anyway, but it is not about that kind of chemistry at all, so I believe the reviewer had that wrong. They fit together perfectly.

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