My mom’s choir is the cutest

One of my fave movies of all time is As It Is In Heaven. It is a Scandinavian movie about a conductor who needs to relax. He moves to this little village and soon he starts to lead the cutest little choir in that village. It is an adorable story and the people in that choir are extremely loveable. My mom’s choir reminds me of them. Of course it is a little bit less Disney and a little bit more normal life, but it is so nice to see them sing together.

The choir has rehearsed for a few months and now it was finally the time for the big Christmas concert in the beautiful white little church of my parents hometown. My parents are still together, which I admire and appreciate very much, and my dad was helping out getting people drinks while my mom was getting ready to sing, checking if we found our seats okay. As soon as they were ready to start the concert, everybody came together and they all looked beautiful in their nice outfits with Christmas red scarves on.

They did a good job at singing, I think choirs are the best, and I felt a bit bad about laughing a bit when they sang Hallelujah in a very Dutch way, hihi. They all did their best and it was so As it is in Heaven! I loved it. My mom always tells me how this person from her choir said this, and how one of them is the painter in town, she is the mailman in town, et cetera. It is really adorable how everybody fits in this little puzzle. The concert was lovely, we also got to sing a few songs that could mostly sing along from the top of my head -thanks to my mom making me go to Christian schools just to be taught what it was, so I would understand the world better-.

I would love to be in a choir too, if I did not have the voice of a mouse, ha!

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