Tinder is much like Primark

I have been using Tinder for a few months now. I have not been using it to its full potential, but I have been swiping some, I have been talking a lot and I might have had a date or two. The thing with Tinder is though, that it makes people into horrible human beings. It is really hard to find a good person on there.

The thing with Tinder is that it is too much like shopping. People like it because it is like shopping, but that is also why you could dislike it. I like to think about Tinder as Primark: it is cheap, it is fast, it is low quality and everybody hates it but yet everybody owns at least one thing from Primark. As soon as you become single, people start telling you to go on Tinder, but no one tells you how awful it really is. I have had fun convo’s on it, for sure, but everybody seems to be looking for the same thing, and most people are just looking out for themselves.

So after I have had the same conversation for over one hundred times, I was sick of it. Maybe it has to do with not feeling the need for Tinder much right now, maybe it has to do with not having the time or energy to put all this energy into meeting people, and of course part of it is insecurity, but Tinder simply makes me miserable. I feel bad about not answering people, I feel bad about having matches all the time, that are only based on the fact that I have female genitals, and it is just hard to get a good representation of yourself on there.

It is funny though, that so many people are on there. I have spoken to multiple people that have relationships, but yet their partner does not know about their Tinder presence, and I have seen a lot of people that are looking for BDSM. It is an interesting platform, and I understand why people are so drawn to it: attention makes people feel good, laughing about other peoples profiles is something people enjoy and of course there are Tinder relationships and Tinder babies and obviously a lot of amazing sex from Tinder. I get why people use it, but I am well aware it is the same kinda feeling that people get when discussing Primark, hihi.

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