Finally it’s there: my Christmas tree

I was so late with putting up my Xmas tree this year, I feel kinda embarrassed about it. Though at least this year I did put it up (last year I did not), I did not really find a good way of placing it. I have a huge fake tree of nearly two meters high, but the thingie it is supposed to stand up in is not entirely complete anymore. That’s why I was struggling very much to get it upright.

Eventually I gave up, and decided that my xmas tree will just hangout hihi. It is in a corner in my home, and it will probably stay there until March, cause then I am prepping the house for my holiday to Japan. I like having it up for a long time, which is why it is so surprising it took me so long this year to get it done. Usually I start having these Xmas urges in October!

On social media I see all people post pictures of their perfectly decorated xmas trees, but I just throw my lights in without even getting them untangled, no patience. And I have all kinds of decorations, all plastic and wood, no glass as I have curious cats. It is surprising to me how the cats do not even jump in the tree that much though, they kinda want to hang underneath or chew on some of the fluffy decorations, but that is about it, no climbing. Not even my Norwegian forest cat!

I like to put in all kinds of odd things in my tree. I have a santa Pikachu stuffed animal in there, but also a very weird dog with a Santa hat on, angels, birds, unicorns, and even an Australian mouse kinda animal with a little Xmas hat. Super awesome. I like to decorate very enthusiastically. 😉 I do wonder if I might want to buy a new Xmas tree next year, as mine is really fifteen to twenty years old and it falls apart a bit. But that might be part of my sudden urge to want to throw away all my possessions and my memories of this year, hihi. We will see what I will decide when it is March 😉

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