The Accountant: autism in the movies

Films are an amazing medium to explore different personalities. They allow you to look inside the mind of someone else for a bit, and sometimes you can connect to this person and sometimes you can’t. The Accountant is not a movie that you would think is really one made to make the audience understand the key character, but yet it does give an amazing take on autism through the eyes of a grown man.

This grown man is played by Ben Affleck, who in this movie has autism. It is shown through flashbacks of him as a child, but of course it still shows now that he is an adult. I like how he gets a bit softer as he meets the little lady played by Anna Kendrick (loooove her!), but at the same time (SPOILER ALERT) it is not like they are very much romantically involved. They just learned from each other and that was it, they had something beautiful together, which did not have to do with passionate sex per se, which was refreshing.

I do not think people know enough about autism, so I am glad this movie shines a little light on it, of course every person is different, but if only one person would understand people with autism better thanks to this film, it is a successful project. Even though it is not a movie that is really considered amazing or anything, it did make a real impression on me. The movie has some original takes on violence and the way in which he gets paid is quite unique too. You should definitely watch this flick, as it has more to it than meets the eye, which is often the case with the movies Ben Affleck has been working on over the eight years.

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