I fell asleep during Rogue One

I was so excited for it, that it could only go wrong. And it did. My expectations for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story weren’t high, but I was extremely excited about having another female key character. Well, I should not have been. I will not spoil, do not worry, but I just did not feel like the female character, Jyn, was really that interesting. To be honest, none of the characters were really interesting.

Well, that is not entirely fair to say: obviously Vader is interesting, but all the new characters were just not getting enough attention to really give me the feels for them. There was not one I was really rooting for somehow. Maybe it had to do with the rest of my day too, my house is now finally on my name only, which is a big thing, though I try not to think about it too much (as the mortgage is also solely on me now!).

Anyway, I thought the huge battle in the movie took way too long, as the matter of fact I fell asleep during this moment, so it felt even longer. I love Star Wars, I love the pieuw pieuw-sounds, but for some reason the battle just took so long and I did not care enough about the end result. Possibly because you already know what is going to happen..

I also thought that there could have been more romance and definitely more fun and humor in the movie. It was all so gloomy and sad and serious: we were placed in this situation with these people we hardly knew, and that was that. I am being super negative right now, it is not that bad, it looks amazing, there are some beautiful quotes in there, super weird looking characters and the story is pretty solid too: it is just that my expectations were so different.

I look forward to seeing it again actually. Not just because I need to see the part that I fell asleep during this first time watching, but also because my expectations are different so I can take a closer look at other things. My fave Star Wars movie though, is still The Force Awakens.

One comment

  1. Thanks for the honest review (and leaving out spoilers 🙂 )
    I`m just curious… you wrote that you didn`t care that much for the characters. Was it because the movie did not take the time to introduce them, or were they just not sympathetic?


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