Hurray! PsychoUnicorn is one year old!

Even though I have not been posting much lately, I still want to celebrate one year of PsychoUnicorn. Though my pretty ambitious plan to have one blog up every day has proven to be a bit too ambitious, I am still extremely happy to see my little online sanctuary and see that people actually read what I am writing. PsychoUnicorn is a blog, a diary, a place for me to get some clarity, and hopefully a place for you to enjoy too.

I will catch up with my personal blogs over de upcoming weeks, as I would like to start 2017 with having posted one blog each day in 2016, even though there are still tens of blogs to write and I did not post them on the right day, they should be there soon. I have a whole list of subjects I would like to write about, so that should be fine, hihi. Cause I have been so busy with stuff, there is so much to talk about.

At first it bothered me that I did not write for a few days, but now I see that it is pretty logical, it is a good representation of what my year has been like. I am thankful to see my family and friends being happy and healthy this year, though I have heard some bad news on that front when it comes to my ex in-laws. But my ex in-laws did become my ex in-laws this year and of course that had a big impact on my life. First living together with my ex even though we weren’t together, then making sure he could move out well, and then prepping my home to become more “me”. It was not hard, and I do not regret it one bit, but it does change a lot in how you do things.

It has been, and that might sound bad, a good year for me though. I am glad to have found myself back a bit, and I am very happy to have so many amazing people in my life. I still got issues, but at least I have people that support me. It has been a hell of a year, lots of changes, lots of fun stuff and finding myself a bit, and it has been marvelous. I am sorry this blog turned into something so sappy. But I feel like after hundreds of blogs I can say it.

Plus, PsychoUnicorn is like a diary, and I am putting so much stuff that is on my mind on here, that this should be a part of that too. I look forward to keeping PsychoUnicorn up to date in 2017 (especially during my trip to Japan, which I look forward to sooo much!), have a little bit more relaxing moments, sleep more, and work on both my body and my mind. I look forward to it! I hope you will still be here in 2017, reading all that stuff my brain tends to come up with. But most of all, I hope you all have a great year yourselves. I hope to write another one of these blogs next year, when PsychoUnicorn will turn 2, hihi. Hopefully with a little bit less backlog but the same happy feeling inside.

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