The ending of Arrival – meh

Arrival is an amazing movie. It is a very interesting way of looking at alien-human contact, it has some things that I would not have expected and it has Amy Adams starring in it. The atmosphere is nice and a bit grim, the aliens look amazing and quite “real” and the whole situation is just told from a unique point of view. It really was entertaining from the start until the ending. Or actually, from the start until the bit just before the ending.

I have huge issues with the ending, even though I do think the director and script writers have done a very excellent job at bringing it all together, it is just a bit too much. SPOILER ALERT: do not read on when you have not seen the movie yet. The biggest problem is in Jeremy Renner. Unfortunately I do not appreciate him as much I as should, cause I know he does a good job, but he just is not the guy for me.

And his character, at the end, says something like: “You know what, the aliens are great, but I was here mainly for you, you were so much more amazing than these unique creatures that I have never seen before in my life and will probably change history in a way that nothing ever has”. Okay, pretty sure that is not the quote literally, but it was just a bit too much. And you know how I am a hopeless romantic right? Even for me this was like: really man, that is bs.

It actually made me question myself, like: wow, did I lost all hope in love?! But then I realised again, that it was the girl before the aliens, and yeah, that really does not make any sense. 😉

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