Cute but Vaiana/Moana does not stick

When I first heard that Disney was making a movie with a princess that was not as skinny and big eyed as the rest of their lineup, I got excited. I thought she would be white, so that would be a good example for the other mainly white princesses. When I found out she was not going to be white, I was like: hm, can’t a white princess be chubby? Is it not a bit mean to finally have a non-white princess again, and then make her chubby, that would not make her look good in front of the other princesses!

Anyway, I think Moana is a person is great, she is a bit tough, but she does recognize that she can’t just do anything. That is good. Unfortunately I do not really love the rest of the movie. The chicken is cute, The Rock does a good job at portraying Maui, but it simply does not really impress me very much. There is not a lot of good jokes in there, there is only one storyline instead a few things on the side, it is a bit boring.

Maybe it also has to do with the setting, cause I am not very into the Hawaii-kinda islandy things. I get why they did it, but it is just something personal of me that I do not appreciate that as much. And of course then there’s the songs: even though I heard some people make comparisons to the songs from Frozen, none of the songs were still in my head when I exited the cinema.

All in all I thought Moana/Vaiana was a bit of a disappointment. No one speaks about it, the songs are not on the radio, and it is just a bit dull. It’s too bad, but I will still gladly wait for the next amazing Disney movie, which obviously will be there.

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