Good times: Allerhande Kerstfestival

Today I did some volunteer work at the Allerhande Kerstfestival, which is like a little food festival which offers a lot of Albert Heijn products as a demo, so free to try, so greedy Dutch people love it, so it is totally sold out. It is a lovely event though, held in the Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht, which is all decorated super Christmassy. It is lovely.

So as I was volunteering the afternoon and the evening, that gave me some time in the morning to check out the place. I had the most amazing sweet pears, a piece of pineapple from under the chocolate fountain and a lovely warm wintery drink with cinnamon. I went there with my colleague David, who I had not spoken to for many many years, but whom I reconnected with a little bit on a colleague level over the past few months.


Going to the event with him was super fun, he likes to make a lot of jokes and he is super outgoing, which means you get all these cute little conversations with people. He requested the organizer of the event if we could work together at the same spot, and I was glad that we actually got scheduled to be in the same place. Especially cause the place was not really my thing…

They made me sell dry sausages, which is one of the most disgusting things on the planet. Even when I was still eating meat, I never ate these sausages: brr! The funny thing is that they did not only put a vegetarian on the sausage sell fest: I had to take over duty from a muslim girl, hihi. It was hilarious. And it is very fun to give people advice on sausages that I would probably not even eat if I was paid the money they cost.


Anyway, the whole afternoon people kept on coming to buy the sausages and I was cutting them, wrapping them, selling them and just having my little shop, it was pretty cute. My colleague and I had a good time, though there was not much time to talk, afterwards when we went for a drink we had some time to discuss the day, which was nice, cause we were so exhausted hihi. Standing outside is really nice, especially with a heather behind you, but it was pretty hard work. We actually sold out three of the five different sausages we had on offer, so we were doing an awesome job.

I really had a great sense of pride in being there for the brand I work for, and the brand I grew up with. It was a lovely evening, totally worth the 10 euros entrance cost, so I would recommend anyone to go. You get a lot of nice products to try on the spot, and there is a lot of cool christmas stuff to buy to spoil your guests with. Really great, and even though the meat was a bit horrifying, I will definitely go and volunteer again next year.


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