Review – Beauticology Blueberry Glaze Donut

It can sometimes be very exhausting to be a woman. Whenever there is a new product, I just have to have it. Especially when it comes to shower and bath things, I am all ears. The reason I was attracted to the Blueberry Glaze Donut shower gel, is for other reasons though: it is sweet and cute and purple!

The quality is a bit crappy though. That is pretty obvious from the amount of money it costs (just a few euros) and the brand: Baylis & Harding. Beauticology is famous for their sweet packaging and smells, but I am afraid they simply never last that long.

That is why I had decided after a few showers with the Blueberry glaze donut shower creme, to just pour it all in the bath. It was nice, cause it created a lot of foam, but yet I felt that the smell faded away so swiftly, I could hardly even think about sinking my teeth into a donut before it was gone.


That is too bad, cause I have had other experiences with Beauticology that were pretty much the same, and I feel that when you want to advertise with sweet stuff, it should at least stick with you for a long time, as that is what is typical about candy things.

Would I ever buy Beauticology again? Well, I can’t say that I wouldn’t, but I can’t say that I really plan to either. It is too bad they have such good ideas like hot coco lipbalm and stuff, which makes me buy it again and again, even when the results are bad. Hihi, yes, I am insane. 😉 Hopefully you will not see any Baylis & Harding reviews on here in a long time!

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