Found my first love

When I was fourteen I started dating this guy from a city 40 kilometres away. Back then that was like long distance, hihi, but I was totally in love and after some MSN Messenger convo’s, we we going to meet. Back then my grandma was still alive, and I would sleep over at her place and meet him together with my cousin, as I knew him via my cousin.

So the first time I saw him, I was like: wow! He was 18 years old, so I considered him an older guy, which was very exciting to me. The date went well, and we started seeing each other pretty seriously, especially considering our age. We were just deeply in love, and it was amazing to be around him and his family, as they are the sweetest people on earth.

In the end we were together for about 2.5 years, and then I broke it off. I just changed schools and overall I was really changing a lot of things: my friends, my scene, and at the end my boyfriend too. I really did an awful job at ending things with this first love, for which I still feel bad.

He was not taking it well, but I will not get into that too much. All this time, 13 years, I have been checking up on him every once in a while, to see how he was doing. He was even on Facebook for a while, but when he was off of it suddenly I started to worry a bit. I contacted my cousin, asked him if he could pass my phone number to the guys mom via his mom, hihi, very complicated, but one night someone on Whatsapp said my first and last name.

At first I was like: OMG who is this weird stranger, as you know, Tinder, but then he told me who he was and how he still knew my phone number from the top of his head. Then we Whatsapped a bit, I was happy to hear he was doing pretty well, and it was nice. One night I asked if we would call, cause it would be fun and weird to hear his voice again, and it was. But we called for an hour and it was just nice catching up after all those years.

Unfortunately the call was a bit too intense for him, so at this moment he can’t really talk to me, which is actually making me more worried than I was before. I do hope he is doing well, as that was my only intention, and of course I did not want to complicate things any further.

It is not easy to find a love as deep and beautiful as your first love, and as time goes by people tend to romanticize things a lot of course. I am happy though, that he was that one for me back then, cause he’s a good guy and I needed that very badly back then, gain some trust back. I am glad I had this moment with him now, so I could apologise for my behaviour back when I was 16 and so I could see if he was doing well. Hope he stays well!

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