Review – Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb

Lush often blows me away with amazing bath bombs and I must say: Northern Lights really has a very fitting name. I have never seen the Northern Lights, as they were behind some mountain when I visited Finland, but they should be spectacular and so is this bath bomb.

In the store I was not that impressed by it, but the adorable lady (they always have adorable people working at Lush) told me this would blow my mind. Well it did! It is a purple cylinder with a blue and an yellow side. Pretty normal thus far, but when you put it in your bath tub filled with water, it gets pretty crazy!

The yellow and blue starts to dissolve in a way that seems fireworks, and it immediately colors your bath water (and makes some foam). It takes a nice while for the full bath bomb to disappear, as especially the purple bit is pretty tough, but it is really cool to see the colors shoot out of it like it is new years eve.

The color of the bathwater gets pretty disgusting, greenish brown, but that does not matter as it smells amazing. That is because it is jasmine combined with ylang ylang, and I really like the smell of ylang ylang. It really is a heavenly bath bomb, filled with spectacle and amazing smells. It is totally worth the money, even when there is no Xmas sale going on. Hopefully it will return next year! J


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