I do not celebrate Sinterklaas anymore

In Holland we have this thing called Sinterklaas. I could explain everything to you in a blog, but someone else has done an amazing job at that already, so why would I try? Please check out StuffDutchPeopleLike about Sinterklaas and very important: Zwarte Piet. I am very much anti-Zwarte Piet, but you could have guessed that since I am feminist.

Anyway, the past 11 years I have celebrated Sinterklaas every year. Never with my own family, as I celebrate Christmas with them. But with Robs and Wouts family I used to celebrate Sinterklaas. This year for the first time in a long while I am not celebrating, which feels a bit odd. All of a sudden I have no plans on 5 december, and I do not have to buy thousands of gifts nor walk around with them.

Okay honestly, I have bought Wouts family presents, as a kinda last goodbye, so I did buy and wrap many gifts, but I have sent them over. But I did not have to unwrap any Sinterklaas gifts myself, I did not have to smile when a Black Pete came in the door, I did not have to gently nod to Sinterklaas when he would say something about me he read in his book.

The funny thing is, I kinda like Sinterklaas, it is a pretty nice Dutch tradition, but I have always preferred Christmas. I did not really miss Sinterklaas as much. Things are good the way they are, and I am not too fond of the children being crazy and not paying any attention to the gifts separately, because they simply got way too much. So glad I jumped the gun there, hihi.

May be one day I will be celebrating Sinterklaas again, but for now I am happy the way things are, looking forward to Christmas very mucho!

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