SING has one funny moment

The other day when I went to Sneak Preview again, we were treated the animated movie SING. Let me be very clear on this: this was not a treat at all. It was horrible. I have watched the trailer of SING before and I already thought: this is a crappy movie, the idea is crap, the characters are crap: there is nothing to love here. And guess what? I was right.

It has no extra jokes for adults, it has no heart, it is all just a bit too easy. There are only two things about SING that I like: the Japanese panda bears cause they are cute (but easy laughs..) and that one funny moment that was actually making me smile. It is a moment when a sheep and a pig wash cars for money. There is one little bit of it in this trailer below:

It is pretty funny and cute, but the rest of the movie is just dreadful. It is not surprising, it is not heartfelt, it is just easy animated movie making. There are way too many characters that do not get the attention they deserve, there are so many cliche’s and the songs are not even that memorable either. I know that the movie has a very famous cast, so Illumination must have had a pretty buck to spend, but it is just not a good movie.

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