Hoorn has its own Star Wars toy expo

In case you haven’t noticed yet (actually you could have, I do not write as much about Star Wars here, as I do it in other outlets hihi) but I love Star Wars. As I was working on this Star Wars magazine now that Rogue One is coming out soon, I went to the Star Wars toy expo in the Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw in Hoorn. Hoorn is my old hometown, so I thought it was super cool they have this Star Wars exposition there.

They offer a lot of action figures, you can play a video game in the Millennium Falcon and there are many odd things on display, like a soap bar of C-3PO and sneakers from Chewbacca. I had an excellent time at the museum, which also offers a special LEGO section where my own LEGO-sets Ewok Village and the Force Awakens Rey-one were on display, which is pretty rad right, I have museum pieces in my home! 😉

The Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw offers all kinds of things from the last century. You can see what a kitchen from the 1930’s looks like, or what kind of different mobile phones we have used through the years. It is really fun, as you often discover things that you actually used to have. I used to have a yellow square boombox by Philips: they have it.

My parents used a water boiler that was high design with green and red, and they have it, it is really fun. They also have a lot of video game consoles, which is cool too. I have seen them one million times already, but I can’t get enough of their beauty! And my favorite thing in the world: Tamagotchi’s, hihi.

I think the Star Wars expo is still on for months, so if you are in the neighborhood of Hoorn, go there! And eat fries at Van Ree, that place has made me hate all other fries cause they are sooooo goooood.

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