Lovely trip – Christmas Market Bruges

My ex boyfriend is called Bruges from his last name, and I always wanted to take him to Bruges when we would be together for 10 years. We did not make it, but that gave me an excellent reason to go there sooner! This weekend I went to the Christmas market in Bruges with my best girliefriend Ing. She and I took a bus via Groupon, cause we are cheap, and in the early morning we were standing next to station Amsterdam Zuid for our long bus drive to the beautiful town of Bruges.

I love Belgium, cause they know chocolate. That is something you could definitely see, smell and taste in Bruges. The whole town is one big Christmas market, with not a lot of stalls, but a lot of little stores in the beautiful little buildings that Bruges is so famous for. In many of the chocolate stores they hand out samples, so you do not have to buy lunch hihi. We did though, we went to this place at the big square of Bruges where Audrey Hepburn herself had dinner. Pretty cool.

Ing and I had a great time. We went to a beer bar to get her a nice specialty beer from Bruges, we did something off my bucket list: eating a chocolate strawberry at Godiva, and we had a lot of fun shopping, eating and taking millions of selfies. Waffles, chocolate, cocktails, more chocolate, waffles on sticks, more chocolate.. It was pretty insane. I did not even gain weight though, cause we were walking around a lot!

The Christmas market itself is a bit of a let down, the stores are way more interesting. Lots of famous franchise stores, but still room for smaller unique stores. There was one amazing Christmas store, where Ing bought this super cute Xmas decoration with a little kitten in it. It really is a beautiful town, that is super crowded during Christmas, but totally worth visiting. Though I though the bus trip would be way too long, it was only a few hours and we were just talking and talking and on our way back we just slept a bit and talked some more, hihi.

Would I go back to Bruges? In a few years, sure, especially if we can stay in a hotel and have some more time to really relax and explore the city. It has a chocolate museum we did not check out due to time (we had 6 hours in the city), so there is definitely one reason to head back. I will let the photos do the rest of the talking! J

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