The saddest food market ever

The last few years it has been a very popular thing in my country: food markets. It does not surprise me, as food trucks are finally becoming a thing here. And they are amazing, I like the concept. In my hometown we have this food halls kinda place, where inside you have a few shops and food trucks permanently, and I have been there a few times now and it is usually pretty good.

However, it is also often quiet there, it is called Yada Yada market and it offers amazing dumplings and chocolate and desserts. It is too bad it is so quiet, cause it really has potential. The odd thing is that I was there the other night and it was fully packed on a Sunday evening, which was a good thing to see. You would think, cause actually it was very odd that Yada Yada was fully packed. Why? Well right next to Yada Yada was a food festival going on called Culinaire Verleiding. A very professionally organized festival in a beautiful big hall near Taets.

But: no one turned up for the festival. The food trucks did, the organization did: but the customers did not. First you had to pay 3 euros a person as an entrance fee, but on Sunday they even decided to scratch that and have a free entrance for everybody. Unfortunately that did not help either: NO ONE went to this festival that was actually pretty awesome. It was very weird to walk around there, with no one being there. As if there was some kind of zombie infestation going on that we were not informed about.

There was a live band playing for the ten people that actually showed up. And because we felt so bad we wanted to buy extra food at as many food trucks as possible. That was a challenge unfortunately: depressed many of them were already packing up. I really wanted a jacket potato, cause they are amazing, and this guy said: I am sorry honey, I expected to sell 500 potatoes and I did not even sell 50 this weekend, I am not making them anymore.

It was so sad, and I can’t really tell what went wrong. The marketing seemed fine, the website looked great, but for some reason everybody went to the permanent place next door all of a sudden. It was so sad, we went to McDonalds to get dessert. :O

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