Baileys Fudge, so boozy, so heavenly

So as I was supposed to make the Xmas dessert, I was planning on doing a grand dessert, as that is the best thing ever. It is a little bit of so many cool dessert things. As I was really feeling like making Baileys fudge, and as I had to try it out for my Xmas dessert, I made it! πŸ™‚ Even though there is not even that many booze in the recipe, they still taste very boozy.

I don’t know why, but I only took a picture when the fudge was still in the making, so I do not have any foodporny kinda photos. I made so much, I had to throw half of it away. I was feeding everybody, but I could not take it to work because of the alcohol in there, hihi. I love Baileys so much, it is like the Nutella of alcohol.

I really like Baileys, the best Baileys ever I had on wintersports, after a full day of snowboarding, sitting down in our cabin in Finland to enjoy a nice cold Baileys with an actual icicle from the roof on it. So. Good. I also love to have a Flugel at the top of the mountain, but that is a different booze story πŸ˜‰

Baileys is just lovely to have when you are warm and safe inside, I love it. And as I want to spread that feeling, I thought: Let’s make some fudge! But it is so much, next time I should really make a smaller portion, but I do not want to turn down the alcohol hihi. It is so bad though, butter, sugar, chocolate, cream.. Only for Christmas!

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