Tinder is too much work

Tinder is not fun. When I became a single girl people started asking how I was doing on Tinder, and to be honest I did not use it for a long time. Partly cause I used other websites, but also because I thought it was way too shallow. Then I went on there and I appeared to be right.

The biggest issue I have with Tinder though, is the fact that it is just not fun. I am not kidding, but 80 percent of the times I swipe right, I have a match. Guys just swipe every person that might have a vagina to the right, so it is just not a token of appreciation at all. Plus, then all of a sudden you have conversations with 20 people to keep up with, and I just dont feel like putting the time and effort in it most of the time.

I have had a few dates through Tinder, and the people were quite nice, but it is so swift and 90 percent of the time it is just about sex. I dunno, I was not too comfortable with it. Many people just want to meet you right away, not Whatsapp chat, no phone call, it is not my thing. Which is odd, cause the people you meet are the same people you would meet in a bar or at someones birthday of course, but for some reason Tinder seems to bring the worst out in people.

The thing is, it takes so much time to get to know people a bit and have this small talk, and then actually meeting them, it is a bit stressful and even though I know Tinder babies and Tinder couples, it just does not really seem to be for me. I am not picky enough when it comes to people, I am interested in anybody. Not on a relationship or sexual level per se, but I am just very curious about people hihi. There is much to learn.

Anyway, for now Tinder will not be my top used app, but I am fine with that, I have way too many awesome people in my life right now to hang out with anyway.

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