Or Nah is my jam

As I will be going to see The Weeknd play live in a few months (so thrilled!), I have been pretty much not stop been listening to this playlist on Spotify called This is The Weeknd. Whenever I put it on, the first song I scroll down to is Or Nah. Not just because it is easy (it is the last song in the playlist), but because I love it so!

The song Or Nah is pretty dirty, but I just love the way he sings it. And the video, I did not know it existed up till a few days ago, the way he looks when he sings “come” is.. mesmerizing. The funny thing is that he sings super sexual things, and yet after that mesmerizing moment he looks a bit bored, hihi.

It is an interesting song in general, as it is not a typical verse – chorus – verse – chorus – bridge – chorus. Wiz Khalifa starts with an introduction, then The Weeknd does the second bit, and then Ty Dollar Sign does the rest. Beautiful man to look at by the way, this Ty Dollar Sign. He looks a bit like Maxim from Prodigy somehow.

Anyway, I like how the song is not standard, it really is a good track that I can listen to every day.

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