Oh I have missed Placebo

When I was 14 I started really getting into rock music. It all began with Freak on a Leash by Korn, then Nookie by Limp Bizkit, and soon Last Resort by Papa Roach followed. At that time I had a friend called Denise, who let me listen to Placebo. She was obsessed with this song called Nancy Boy, and soon I started listening to more Placebo. I love songs like Passive AgressiveĀ and The Bitter End.

Weirdly though, I never really listened to full albums of Placebo. I think it is because I do not looove the voice of the singer. I think it is good, I think he is a remarkable person, an amazing man, but it is not a nice voice to listen to for too many songs in a row.

As Placebo was playing at the Ziggodome in Amsterdam, and for some weird reason it was not sold out yet, I decided to go. At first I was supposed to go alone, but then my friend Thomas wanted to join. Which after all was not the best idea ever, as during that concert I discovered that some concerts I’d rather see alone. Especially Placebo, which has such personal lyrics, is a band I would have preferred to see by myself.

Anyway, Placebo did an amazing job, playing the more dramatic songs first before doing the harder stuff. It was the 20 years of Placebo tour, so they did all their best work. Well not all, but a lot of it. Because of the concert I have been listening to Placebo a lot more, more than ever before, and I specifically love their MTV Unplugged album.

Songs like Bosco, Protect Me, Where is My Mind, Hold On To Me, they are all great. Beautiful lyrics, I really am amazed by how Placebo has so many songs that are just so relatable, or just beautiful without being relatable. It does not happen often that I like so many songs by just one artist. Strange that I have not discovered this before though.

During the concert it was hard to really get into it, but I am still glad I did go. Now I have “discovered” Placebo to the max and that is very helpful sometimes.

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