Puur Amsterdam – The Great Escape is fun

Most people that have an office outing, will go escaping. I am also guilty of planning multiple office team building activities that include escape rooms. I did #saveamsterdam with my colleagues for example. But, sometimes the group is just too big for a small escape room, and then you will have to look for other places. Puur Amsterdam offers an escaping experience that does not include a room, as it is outside.

Very smart, and a huge relief for my claustrophobic colleagues, hihi. We went there on a cold wintery evening, but we had the best time. You start in a café, which you can always return to. It is not really escaping though, it is more a puzzle trip. You walk around in the red light district (which is funny it itself, and a bit inappropriate may be), and you have to take pictures in which you hide, or you have to ask people to all stick up their peace signs.

There are puzzles with Morse code, flags and pencils, there are lots of things to do, and it is very fun and very modern as you use an iPad and a phone with Whatsapp to communicate with the headquarters. I think my colleagues were a bit afraid of what they would be required to do at first, but in the end they had a good time, at least, it seems like they had and they said they had. I had a good time too, my team was fun, I was glad the teams were made up by Puur Amsterdam, so friends would not be with friends and you had the chance to get to know other people.

It was great fun, everybody could play his or her part in it and the game leader really did an excellent job at explaining to us what to do in her own tough role as general. I have done activities via Puur Amsterdam before and I think they are a good company for these kinda outings. Sure, it is pretty expensive, but after all it is totally worth the money. I did an amazing walking dinner with them too, that included walking through Amsterdam with a guide, and have every course of the dinner in a different restaurant. Excellent.

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