I’m afraid of the live action Beauty and The Beast

Everybody was so thrilled to see the new trailer for Beauty & The Beast, the live action version. I was not. I did not want to see it, as I am so afraid this movie will f up everything I love about the tale as old as time. Usually I am not a purist like that though, but the animated version of Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite movie ever ever ever!

But, I have seen the trailer in the cinema now, and as soon as the music started I got goosebumps. I believe they have done a very good job to stick as much to the story as possible, and I hope the full movie will do so too. I loved the trailer, every bit of it, it is very close to the real story and scenes, and it looks amazing. I really love the music, which is the classic Beauty and the Beast music, really love it.

Every time I see the trailer, I get goosebumps and this exciting feeling of hope: will they be able to capture this amazing story and take it to an even more amazing level? Is that even possible? I am not sure yet, I do not think it is possible, but it is like growth: you do not know it exists as you do not know what you do not know! 🙂

I am glad that what I did see of the movie looks good, and I am glad Disney is very serious about it. Let’s hope for the best, but I will be honest with you: deep down I am prepping for the worst..

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