Amazing Hitchcock-esque flick: Nocturnal Animals

I really like to go to the Sneak Preview, which is an evening at the cinema. Every Tuesday they play a movie, without telling the audience which one it will be. It can be anything: horror, art house, animated, comedy, Dutch… So it is pretty scary to go there, especially if you do not check out the website that is designed to make a game out of guessing which movie it will be.

The other day I went there and I got to see Nocturnal Animals. The best thing about Sneak Preview, which is what makes it worth it: they only show movies that are coming out in 1/2/3 weeks from then. Nocturnal Animals is an amazing movie. I was sitting there alone, I was totally feeling like Amy Adams did. She looks amazing in this movie, and she really plays the part very well. I was very moved by the story within the story, and I had a hard time explaining to other people what actually happens in the movie.

I do not understand all of it though. I do not get why the guy does not show up at the end of the movie, for example. I am not sure what we would learn from that. But the rest of the movie is very clear, beautifully shot and simply amazing. It really gives the Hitchcock shivers, you know, it just feels very uncomfortable, and it shows how multi talented Tom Ford is for being able to make us feel this way too.

I do not want to tell too much about the movie, so I will leave it with this, but please go and see it, cause it comes very close to being the best movie I have seen this year.

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