Play hard, work hard

Ever since I started writing about videogames in 2009, I knew this was something I loved and I wanted to develop into. It is very hard to get a paying job as a video game journalist in The Netherlands (or anywhere really), but I managed to get it done. I started at a Nintendo magazine, and then I wrote for multiple websites, sometimes paid, sometimes not paid, but always with the same attitude: hard work, a lot of ideas and an audience with expertise on the subject too.

Sometimes that is scary, cause when writing for a newspaper the journalist usually knows more about the topic than the average reader, but when it comes to video games the audience often knows a lot too. I really love playing video games, but I love writing even more. Sometimes this was a point of discussion for me and my ex, but eventually we have the same goal: entertain people with our stories.

It is hard to have huge ambitions in this gaming world, but I do have them, and I must say I am very pleased that I kinda made it. I am a freelance writer for the biggest gaming outlet in NL. It is a bit odd as my ex is actually my boss here, but it is also cool cause he never wanted me to write there when we were still together, as he did not want our relationship to be in jeopardy, but now that we are not together any longer, he immediately asked me to join his team.

I really like that, cause it shows he beliefs in me and that is very nice. We also worked together on a few magazines and movie websites over the past few years, and that went well too, so he knew it would be fine, but as this really is his day job I could imagine why he would not want to deal with me there too, when we were still a thing.

It is such a blast to write for that website, I really would not want to miss it. I only write this specific thing which is a roundup of the news of the evening, but it is so much fun and I get a lot of freedom to really make it something of my own. I introduced having a panda video at every end, so people recognize it is an article by me, and I am pretty proud I came up with that from the get-go, hihi.

I really hope to stay at this outlet for a long time, but I am also aware I really should be playing more video games. It is hard right now as I do no longer own a PS4, so I should probably be trying to save some money for it, as it will also make me money when I get reviews on it for other media outlets I write for.

Anyway, I just feel very blessed for being able to take my career as a professional video game journalist to the next level. It has not been an easy road, and I have never really been part of the group as it is always such an old boys network-kinda setting, but I am happy that all those years of hard work and not fitting in well finally pay off. I know I do not just have myself to thank for that, but also the audience that accepts me (most of the time, I mean, it is still the internet) and people around me who have supported me throughout it all, putting up with my busy schedule. đŸ™‚

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