Are the championships tickling really a thing?

On Netflix you can now watch a documentary made by a New Zealand journalist and his journey of looking into a sport called competitive tickling. When someone first told me about this documentary, I was like: wow, is that an actual sport? That sounds like tremendous torture! And I was also wondering about how you can judge a sport like that; what if someone can stand tickling very well?

Anyway, as soon as I started watching Tickled, which is the name of the documentary, it became clear that the question marks that popped up in my head were pretty valid. I will not spoil anything, but you can expect a Louis Theroux-like style of digging for the truth, and a very hands-on mentality of the journalist involved. It is a documentary that will make you feel like: wait whut?! I can believe this happened! It is really cool. I did feel that the makers could have been a bit more ballsy and in your face, especially when they finally had a big fish on their line, if that’s English, but I guess we can’t all have Dutch directness hihi.

It is a very interesting documentary, and a very fun watch for a while. I did feel that the ending was a bit swift and unsurprising somehow; they could have made a bigger deal out of it. I would have liked to see them expose things a bit more, also to the other people involved. But in general it is a very fun and interesting thing to watch, and I was very surprised by it, I had so many mixed feelings cause I can be super ticklish, hihi. Worth watching!

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