My cats are my children

When my ex moved out, I realised: I was going to be a single crazy cat lady! Ten years ago I would never have guessed that, as I was more of a dog person actually. It is difficult though to have a dog and go to work, so my ex before this one (this makes me sound bad, but it is not as bad as it looks, solid 5 and 6 year relationships!) said: why not have cats? We started with Vloekje, the Norwegian forest cat, and immediately went to the Poezenboot to get Schram, a normal European cat.


Well, normal I would not use to describe them ,cause they are very weird. Schram was very scared, and Vloekje is very diva-ish. A few years later, I think they were 4 years old, we got Moksie, a Ragdoll/normal European cat, who looks like a Siamese. He is so cute! He is like a dog: he usually follows me everywhere, and he waits for you by the door for cuddles when you come home.


I feel very lucky to have such sweet cats. They make me feel less alone, they make me feel more at home, and they are amazing to cuddle with. I always dreamt of having an actual living fluffy animal in my home for cuddling, and now I have three! They are really part of my family, as I do not consider myself to be alone in the world, I am the mother to my three cats, hihi. When I am sad they come to comfort me, when I wake up they are there to greet me and when I go away for the weekend they are fine with it, as long as I leave some water and food đŸ˜‰

It is really cool to have a few furry friends in your home, and I am glad they are a lot less demanding than dogs. Of course they have their downside: I have to allow someone in my home to take care of them while I am on holiday, and I have to clean up after them when they ppp (piss, poop, puke :P). But the love you get back for it, is something I would not want to live without. They really are three different persons with their own oddities and their own opinions and behavior, and it is really fun to notice that. Plus, after 8 years I still thoroughly enjoy watching Vloekje lik her front paws, aawwww, so cute!


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