I heart Starboy

As I have mentioned before I am superhappy that I have a ticket to go and see The Weeknd this February. I am even more thrilled that his new album is amazing. It is called Starboy and it includes a few amazing collabo’s with Daft Punk. There is a collabo with Lana Del Rey and Kendrick Lamar on there too.

The Weeknd calls this the next chapter to his music and I get what he means by that. He is turning away from the RnB/hip hop sound, to go for a more pop and dance-kinda sound. Though I usually do not love EDM, I really enjoy the album. It has some very nice tunes, for example Rockin and Love to Lay, which are pretty upbeat but in a way I actually enjoy 😉

My favorite song though, must be Die for You. The lyrics are beautiful: “You’re scared to be lonely, ‘specially in the night, I’m scared that I’ll miss you, Happens every time.” It is not just the lyrics though, the song itself has a great build up. The Weeknd starts a bit soft, but he gets louder and more aware of his own strength somehow, I dunno, I just love it.

I really love Ordinary Life too, which is a Weeknd-classic. I read an article the other day in which someone was complaining about how many songs this album has (I think 18?). He or she missed the time in which albums were ten songs, so artists would really choose their best work instead of just putting everything out there. I must say I disagree: Starboy is an extremely solid album with many amazing songs, and one song can mean a lot to a person that the other person might not understand.

Anyway, The Weeknd – Starboy is definitely going to be one of the most played albums of my year, together with Usher – Hard 2 Love, ZAYN – Mind of Mine and B J The Chicago Kid – In My Mind. It is awesome! ❤

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