Blessed was so much fun

When I was a teenager, I did not go out a lot. Or let’s say, when I was 14 tot 16 I did not. Then I had a new boyfriend, and I went to this club called Vernes, in a little town in Noord-Holland called Schagen. I have never really seen Schagen by day, only to get to that club, where I went many, many times. Even though sexual harassment happened all the time in that place, I just looooved to dance for hours in a row on the steamy bobbling, dancehall, rnb and hip hop beats.

Then my relationship ended, and I think it was about the same time that Vernes changed into a different club. It was hard to find a new place to get my groove on, and I never really did. I went to a dancehall club in Utrecht, but it just wasn’t the same. Then I got into a relationship in which we would just go to concerts all the time, which was awesome, but it was rock related, so I missed out on my hip hop and rnb fix. I forgot about that a little bit when I went into the video gaming industry. I was too busy writing, to really think about going out. And I did listen to rnb and hip hop, but mostly artists I used to like.

The past few years though, I have been discovering so much more in that genre, and I have started going to concerts too. I went to Beyonce and BJ The Chicago Kid, which I used to not dare to go to because I would feel too tall, too white and just out of place. Thanks to my awesome hip hop group though, I started accepting myself a little bit more as a white girl that is just into afro American culture a lot. When a friend of mine shared a photo of her and her friend at a hip hop party, I was like: why am I not in this picture?!

So yesterday we went to this party called Blessed: Bumpin’ and Grindin’. It totally brought back that Vernes feeling, just dancing for hours, only taking breaks to get a drink, and just feel the music. I loved almost every song that was on, and I had a wonderful time with my friend K and her friend N. Especially N is a partyperson, as soon as he came in he started dancing, even though there weren’t that many people in the room yet, really cool, it was very easy to let go then, and to just do my thing hihi.

It was an awesome evening. K and I were both still a bit sick, we both were struggling with a cold that would not wear off quickly, but even though we said: we will just have a drink and see what happens, we stayed until the very end. Which was so cool, and so stupid at the same time. 1.5 hours later I had to get up again to go to my crewmeet of the techy website I write for, haha. But I would not want to have missed it. It was totally worth the money, staying at a hotel in Utrecht, and I had an amazing time. I still feel large and tall and white, but I care less about that now, as I care about dancing and the music too much! 🙂

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