I do not care about Luke Cage

When I went to Empire Live a month ago, I was very impressed with Mike Colter, the guy that plays Luke Cage in Jessica Jones and his own series now. I actually already liked him a lot in Jessica Jones. He is big, handsome and as a character he seems pretty sweet.

However! For some reason I can’t make myself watch the show. Part of me wants to watch it with full attention, so not during writing, but when I try to do that, I just get a bit bored! But when I do watch while writing, I feel like I miss too many important pieces of information.

Luke Cage has so many things I should like: handsome guy, Afro American background story, awesome music and that dark superhero thing that Netflix has been doing for a while now. Still I haven’t watched more than just one or two episodes, and I am starting to doubt if I ever will watch more than that. I want to, but yet I haven’t, so that seems off.

Of course there is only one way to deal with this, which is to start watching the show again. I have to find the time though, cause Empire season 2 will be out on Bluray soon, and then there is the Christmas Special of Sherlock coming up, and West World which I really need to watch. So many choices, so little time, and it seems that Luke Cage just is not worth that small amount of time I allow myself to have for watching tv shows. Hopefully I can update you soon on it though! 🙂

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