LEGO Dimensions: Ghostbusters is fun

So for one of the gaming websites I write for I got the opportunity to review LEGO Dimensions – Ghostbusters. This is the first Story Pack of the game and that means that the portal finally gets a makeover and that there are new cute LEGO figurines to add to my collection. This time it is the ECTO-1-car plus the cute little Abby Yates. The other ladies you will get virtually in the game, so no LEGO figurines of them.

What I like about the game is that you don’t need to buy a lot, you just buy this Story Pack and it is a huge add-on to LEGO Dimensions. You get Ghostbusters-New York as a hub, and you get a lot of new levels that tell the whole movie (the new female Ghostbusters one). It is cool how they could still find funny LEGO jokes to add to this movie, which is already funny of course.

I really enjoyed building the new portal too, it’s the Chinese restaurant aka the headquarters of the Ghostbusters. It has very original ways of using LEGO clocks differently. Plus, there are even stickers to make stuff look even more Chinese! And the gameplay itself is classic LEGO-gameplay, which is always fun, and it uses the portal a lot again, which is something that I really missed in the smaller additions to the game.

I know it is a lot of money, you could also buy a new videogame, but if you like LEGO Dimensions than you should definitely get this one, it is cute, funny, a great build that takes you half an hour or so, and it offers so much more than the other add-ons.



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