Odd but not too odd: Chewing Gum

Netflix offers a lot of shows that are easy enough to watch while doing something else, for example writing articles 😉 Chewing Gum definitely is a show like that. It tells the story of Tracy, a girl that lives in a kinda rough neighbourhood somewhere in the UK. By rough neighbourhood I do not mean a ghetto, but more a bit of a low income place.

Tracy is played by Michaela Coel, who has a part in Monsters: Dark Continent and The Aliens. She does an amazing job in this super intense role, I love how she is very comfortable in her own skin and she is even comfortable doing to weirdest stuff. Sometimes Chewing Gum gets too weird, even for me, but it has a soul which makes it all okay. 

The story is that Tracy is 24 years old and wants to lose her virginity desperately. However, her Christian fiance appears to be gay, so her ticket to that heavenly place is gone. Then she starts something with this low life dude from the block, but if that ends up well.. Well you would have to see for yourself!

There’s only a few episodes in the first season: 6 to be precize, but a second season will follow in 2017.

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