Review – Beauticology Frosted Sprinkles Bath Soak Crystals

Anything with Sprinkles will always have my attention. Especially if it is donut related. Baylis & Harding has come with this beautiful range of products called Beauticology, and they are cheap, but nice looking products with cute names and very sweet smells.

I usually like them a lot, but there is one big downside to them: the smell does not last very long. That is something that especially showed when I used the Frosted Sprinkles Bath Soak Crystals. When you open up the cute package, you get this very intense, uber sugary smell, but then when you poor all the crystals in the bath (yes, I used alllll of them at once) while the tap is still running, the smell just gets lost a bit.


Which is too bad, cause the smell is very nice and sweet, and the product feels very good, the bath salt are very small pieces and they are easily dissolved by the hot bath water. But the downside is that bath salt does not make foam, and the salt is not a fun color, so your bath will just look boring and very see through.

Again, it is unfortunate, cause the Beauticology range is such a nice and beautiful invention! I wish the products were a little bit more expensive and good quality, so this brand could actually be a good competitor to Rituals and Lush perhaps, but now it is just a very cheap disappointment. I actually had to put other bath cream in my bath to smell nice when coming out of the bath.

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