MTV EMA’s 2016 – Liveblog

As tonight I will be watching the MTV EMA’s while typing, alone, I thought it would be fun to have a liveblog about it, hihi. That does not mean I am going to tell you guys who won which award, it just means that I am going to type everything I think. Okay, not everything, but a lot.. See you at 21:00!

Bebe Rexha is presenting, and she is yelling soooo loudly, dear…

Thankfully they start with Bruno Mars, it is such a catchy song. He is really an excellent performer. Though I feel like he could be the next MJ, it seems he is not bringing too much music quick enough. I love how he dances though.. He is so relaxed.. I would also like to wear a nice jogging pants when performing, haha. One of his dancers is wearing a Blue Jays shirt! That’s Toronto, I am dying to see them play once.

They start off with not one but two performing artists: DNCE is the next one. I do not really like their music, it is way too happy for my taste. And is that guy one of the Jonas brothers or am I wrong?

So I missed a bit cause I was putting on jogging pants (Thanks Bruno!). Bebe Rexha is now performing, which is insane, no awards yet?! She is performing with the Dutch Martin Garrix though, that is very cute. Wonder how she will sound in the yelling parts. But they seem to do a mild version, so no yelling I suppose. Ah, she is yelling, and it is a bit too much. The light on Martin Garrix is really bad, you do not see him at all.

It would be so cool to perform on a stage of a show that you used to watch as a child. I bet Martin Garrix was feeling that just now. And probably Afrojack too, but he is too arrogant to ever admit to that I guess 😉 I love how that guy from MTV US is pronouncing The Netherlands by the way, he just did that in a little video about becoming a DJ, as the best DJ’s come from The Netherlands.

The Best Electronic award is now handed out, I dislike pretty much all electronic music, but I was rooting for Daft Punk obviously, cause they are amaaazing and I am currently very addicted to Starboy. But they are not nominated, so then I hoped Major Lazor, but it was Martin Garrix, which is cute, he is still a good kid.

Bebe Rexha has an awesome ass, I know that is not very feminist to say, but if she is swinging them around like she did just now, can’t really not see it you know? Sean Mendez, I do not really know what the fuss is about, he is a good singer, but it’s not my thing. He is doing a very beautiful version of Mercy though.

Aah, an autocue problem for Tinie Tempah and that gorgeous woman whose name I don’t know, who has the same skin illness as my mom. Best Live is getting an award, I think Adele should win, though I have never seen her live. Twenty One Pilots won, I also have never seen them live, I do like their music pretty much. Their acceptance video was almost as depressing as the Kings of Leon in the pre-show.

The Prince thing with the purple awards is pretty nice. Now Zara Larsson is performing, she is pretty awesome, though I do not love her as much as I used to, she is wearing so much make-up, just trying to be sexy all the time, it is totally not necessary. She is very good live though, very strong voice. I think it is so cute that “It ain’t my fault” was actually about a girl stealing some other girls boy and she wanted to change that cause she was not okay with that, hihi, cute. She is performing very Beyonce’esque with the wind thing hihi. Her yelling in the song later was not as good though, I think she does not hear herself very well, the sound was not always as good.

A supermodel that is creepy skinny is showing the nominees for Best Male, which could be Drake (can’t believe I am going to his concert), Justin Biebs, Calvin Harris (dislike him a lot), The Weeknd (cant believe I am ALSO going to his concert!) or Shawn Mendes, which I totally spelled wrong haha. The Weeknd is there so will probably win. But so is Shawn and he won, which is ridiculous.

Can’t believe Green Day still looks exactly like they did twenty years ago. I am very annoyed they keep on saying Rock Royalty when referring to Kings of Leon.

Aaaah it is my jam, it is The Weeknd! Aaah I have been listening to his music all week, especially since I bought a ticket to his concert! I know I mentioned that already, but I am soooo thrilled. I am going to go alone, and it is going to be awesome. He is so good, I love melodramatic RnB. And Starboy is an amazing song, too bad he may not sing swear words, makes a big difference. It’s pretty cool that he does not even go out of breath.

The new-comers are now up, and Zara Larsson should totally win, and she does, so that is awesome! The Kings of Leon are performing, and they did it very boringly, if that is a thing. Shaw is so cute, he is amazing. OneRepublic is there, I do not really love them, though their music is not bad. And they have a fake Donald Trump and Hillary in the room too, which is odd, and they look awful. Cant believe we know who the new pressie of the US is in a week, aaah.

Aah Triple X is coming back, the moviefranchise, as long as Vin Diesel is back, I am good. Those things in between they do, with the pranks, they are not funny. I am glad The Weeknd finally won an award, though I did not pay attention for a bit so I do not know what they got the award for, but it is for Starboy, which again is my jam, so cool. It seems that the award is very heavy, which is very smart cause then people have a very short thank you-speech. Ah Bebe Rexha is performing again, I think the song is a bit boring. I do want to crawl around on that fluffy thing though, seems nice.

Really like Lukas Graham, I think he is losing weight, may be because of performing a lot, may be because of drugs, who knows? Anyway, I like his music, or their, cause it is a band. Love the violins in this performance, I think violins make everything better. Wow, especially 7 years, holy moly, those violins ❤ During the World Wide Act awards, I thought they would do the nominees first and then someone would win, but everybody got one, so that is cute. Though many of the artists I did not know yet, so they are not that world wide I suppose..? Troye Sivan is very nice though, love his gay positive music vids.

Now Afrojack is performing, which is not something I am super excited about, as I think he is a bit too cocky. Plus, the guy he performs with, Vice, I really dislike his voice, it is too raw or something. Plus, as a dj, you do not really need to perform at all, cause you made that music already, I cannot believe what Afrojack is doing on the turntables right now is really changing anything, hihi. I am proud that he is doing such a good job abroad too by the way, I just do not feel that he is a very lovely person. I do like the drum band that is on stage right now. Love that drum band, they really make the music a lot better. They really make a party out of it, which is lovely. I also really like Afrojacks pants. Now One Republic is coming up, which is a bit of an odd change to depressing music hihi, after the party style of Afrojack. They are pretty good though, so their performance will be enjoyable.

It is very weird but now they are just going through all the awards very fast, like best female and stuff, as if they did not have enough time left or something? It is very confusing, I do not understand this. Oh and now the icon thing is on, presented by the gorgeous Idris Elba, but we already know Green Day is going to win, which I think is a bit too much. They haven’t scored any hits for many, many years.. They have a few cool songs, but I do not feel that their are really icons like Whitney Houston, who has also won this award. Even Eminem, who also won the award, has more right to it, as at least he was one of the first white rappers. Green Day is punk, which was already there when they started, right? I mean, I like their music, they are awesome, but why are they icons after a four year break, don’t they have to do a little bit more for that? Or is it just because they releases 12 albums already? It is impressive, but icon? Hmm…

Of course Green Day performed American Idiot, which is pretty cool, I liked what the guy said about the USA having a collective heart attack thanks to the elections. I can imagine. And their performance is really good. So this was the MTV EMA’s of 2016. It was nice, but not extremely exciting or memorable. No insane things happened, so it was a bit un-MTV’ish I suppose?

Good night lovely people!

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