Nerve: would I play or watch?

When the movie Nerve was still in the cinema, I have booked tickets for it three times, but I never went. It was just not convenient every time. But I did really want to see the movie, so when I was at Rey’s and Jem’s tonight, and I was couch commander, I decided we would watch Nerve. I am glad I did, cause now I could finally see it, and I could discuss it with my dear friends! 🙂

So the movie was not excellent, which is something we knew before we started watching. It is very teensy, and the concept is a bit insane. I do like movies that offer new concepts though, new ways of thinking, and though Nerve did not give me a new way of thinking, I did enjoy thinking about it a lot: what crazy dares would I come up with, could this really be a thing in the real world, and of course: would I play or would I watch?

I am pretty sure I would be a player, not just because of my gaming background, but also cause I love new experiences. I think I might be pretty good at it even, though I would also be afraid I would not know when to stop, hihi. Plus, what would your manager think about it, if you were famous because you were doing the weirdest and sometimes even illegal things for the whole world to see in your spare time?

I would have an issue with doing illegal things by the way. So may be I would not be that good of a contestant. I would really like to do silly tasks and earn crazy amounts of money with them though! The amounts in the movie were really insane, that was just very unbelievable, but many things were. It was really a movie filled with vague choices and situations, but I did like the dares they came up with. I would almost do all I think, except for mean ones of course.

It sounds like Nerve would be something that could exist in the real world, but on the other hand: people already had trouble handling the Pokémon Go craziness, can you imagine the craziness when people get to decide what other people do?! I would love to see it, so I wonder how long it’ll take to actually get real. It might be here already, without us knowing! Looking forward to it 😉

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