Review – Too Cool for School Break Time Lip Tint Balm

My dear friend Rey likes to order make up from Korea, at this place called Jolse. As she is a professional make up artist, I totally wanted to order there at least once. They have so many cute things, and it is very cheap! I placed one order there through Rey and I got some amazing things, like this Lip Tint Balm.


The brand is called Too Cool for School and they are very famous for their lip balms. I chose real strawberry and I must say, the lip balm smells lovely. It is very strawberry’ish, very sweet, but not insanely sweet. Plus, it is not super red on your lips, it is just very neutral, light pink. On my broken wintery cyclist lips I could do with some more color at the moment, but it still looks nice and it feels nice on the lips.

What I love the most about it though, is the packaging and the design. For some reason the colors and the visuals make me feel so happy. It is so colorful and cute, and it is just perfectly small. It is great to just throw in your bag and use all day, even though that totally ruins your lips, hihi. I am not sure why it is called Break Time, but it even sounds a bit Engrish to me, so it is pretty cool.

It is about 5 euros, and it gives me so much joy. Everytime I look at it, everytime I smell it, it is lovely!

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