Jamie T was very different

A friend of mine wanted to hang out, and though I usually just have dinner and talk for the whole evening, this guy was like: we should visit a concert! So I was down, as I love concerts, and I speak to him on a daily basis so it would not be very necessary to have a whole evening of talking. Thankfully there was something cool in town, cause Jamie T was playing the Melkweg in Amsterdam.

Jamie T is a British guy that does hiphoppy indie-punky music, and he is pretty outspoken. I did not know his music beforehand, but I did listen to some stuff and it was pretty cool. His voice is pretty out there, and the music is more in the background. However, that was not the case during the concert. In the concert it was way more like a band instead of some mc, and though that was fun, it surely made him sound very differently.

What I found very funny, is that the whole room was filled with Brits. It was like the whole British community living in Amsterdam came to the small room of the Melkweg to enjoy some oldschool British fun. Though it was not fully oldschool, cause people were totally doing coke in the toilets, which is pretty new school I’d say.

It was cool to see the Brits totally partying and being super happy. I did not know the lyrics, which was a pity, cause I did learn this evening that I do need to know the lyrics to really enjoy a concert. Or the music in general, you know? Sometimes when I go to bands that I love, and I know every song of, I have a heard time hearing which song they are playing. But that is usually with metal, which is so powerful and loud with so many guitars, that I get lost sometimes hihi.

But it was a nice concert, it was cool with my friend, and it was nice and crowded, may be a bit too crowded actually, hihi. I did get a bit annoyed with people being in my space too much..

Anyway, I would definitely advise myself to listen to the music thoroughly next time, cause that definitely makes going to the concert a lot better for me personally.

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